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Klein 3000 Side Scan Sonar

The Klein 3000 is digital side scan sonar. The simultaneous dual frequency operation is based on a new transducer design as well as the high-resolution circuitry developed for the Klein 5000 multi-beam focused sonar. The System 3000 data is recorded in 100Khz and 500Khz.

SonarPro acquisition software

SonarPro acquisition software displays the real time sensor data from the Klein 3000 tow fish. SonarPro allows operators to monitor the data as it is collected to ensure data quality. The operator adjusts the amount of cable out as the water depth changed and logs it to the XTF data.

Triton Processing

Triton Products encompass a wide array of state-of-the-art imaging and mapping software suites for offshore applications, including tools for survey planning, digital acquisition, data integration, and Interpretation.

EdgeTech Sub-Bottom Profiling System

The system uses specially designed transmitters with characteristics best suited for “chirp” transmissions. One of the key features is the ability to put more than one ping into the water column at the same time.

Odom Echotrac MKIII Single beam echosounder

The Odom Echotrac MKIII survey single beam echo sounder has a high-resolution thermal paper recorder. Both high and low channels feature frequency agility. Operator selectable TVG curves serve to optimize the MKIII for both shallow and deepwater bottom detection.

  DigiBar Pro Velocity Probe

The Odom DigiBar Pro is a stainless steel velocity probe with battery operated splash-proof hand terminal It has a RS232 serial port interface from a hand terminal to the probe and a 100 m cable.

Marine Magnetics Magnetometer

The mag sensor delivers high-resolution output with a noise level of 0.01nT/Hz; counter sensitivity is 0.001nT.  The magnetometer signal is measured inside the towfish where the signal is strongest and most immune to outside noise. Altitude is available with every mag reading.

Marine winches, & launch and recovery systems

All gear necessary for launch and recovery in a safe manner.

Portable Operations Lab

Outfitted with all computers and equipment as well as internet, email, and Satellite phone.

GI Air Gun

Seismic source

Seismic Streamer

2D -3D 24 to 48 channel  seismic system

PartnersWe approach every project with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, cost, and engineering.

Multibeam sonars

Kongsberg, Reson, Sea beam, Odem, Imagenex


Single Beam echo sounders  

Odom, Interspaces, Simrad


Sidescan Sonars

Edgetech, Klein, Seabeam, Odem, Datasonic, Teledyne Benthos, Marine Sonic


GPS Equipment

Trimble, Hemisphere, CNAV, Starfix, Ominstar, Micronet, Magellan, Garmin


Subbottom Profilers

EdgeTech, GeoAcoustics


Seismic Systems

Oyo, Teledyne, GeoAcoustics, Digibird, Price, G-I Gun, Concepts, Syntron, Geometrics, Coda



Geometrics, Marine Magnets


Data Acquisition and Post-processing Systems

Triton-Elics, Caris, HIPS/SIPS, HYPACK, Starfix, WINCNAVII, GeoDAS, Fledermaus, Coda, Kongsberg


Acoustic Positioning

Kongsberg, Sonardyne, ORE, LinkQuest


Motion Sensors, Heading Sensors

TSS, SG Brown, Kongsberg, Applanix, POS-MV, Coda-Octopus, Octans


CTDs, Tide Gauges, Current Meters

Valeport, Odem, Reson, General Acoustics, LinkQuest, Teledyne, RD Instruments, Seabird


Cable and pipe trackers

TSS, Innovatum


Laser scanners

Riegl, Trimble


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